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City roads are encroached by vendors, hawkers, and in many places auto repair shops and garages. The customers of these repair shops/garages park their vehicles haphazardly, obstructing movement of vehicles resulting in blockades. In view of this, people are put to lot of inconvenience. Kamsaale Mahadeviah  Circle (Vidyaranyapuram) to Nanjangud/Ooty Road is an example. This road has number of repair shops/automobile workshops and it is not an exaggeration to say, these shops do their business mostly on the roads. Those who use this road suffer most. Authorities concerned should direct those encroaching the roads and foot paths to clear off the roads to enable smooth flow of traffic. In addition, wherever density of traffic is more, such roads should be barred for animal driven carts and push carts. Sadly, majority of  Mysuru’s cattle population live on roads and the corporation is least bothered. Hope, MCC initiates suitable action to maintain Mysuru neat and clean (worthy of winning cleanest city award in the country for the second time).

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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