Need additional buses

As you are aware, the KSRTC has provided buses to reach Mysuru railway station from various extensions, including SBM colony, Sreeramapura but no bus runs in the reverse direction to link railway station with these extensions. It is quite surprising that even after several letters in these columns and also our personal visits, requesting the Divisional Traffic Controller to oblige, they have not responded so far and their repeated replies have been that these routes are not profitable to them and hence can’t oblige. As this is a route to connect the prime places like the DC office, colleges on the way, the District Court, the KR Hospital, railway station, the KSRTC without looking into the profit or loss to the organisation should help the commuters by providing buses connecting all these places immediately as they have received several new buses for Myuru depot. As promised by the officials during our last visit that once they get additional buses they would review the matter and would comply with the request. We hope the KSRTC would look into the matter.

KV Ramanath, Mysuru

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