Need effective govt policies for water management: Justice Mudagal

 District and Sessions Court Judge was speaking after inaugurating the ‘World Water Day 2016’ held in the city yesterday

Advocating sustainable management of freshwater resources, District and Sessions Court Judge K S Mudagal on Tuesday said that there is no dearth of water in our country but we have failed to effectively manage the available water resources.

She was speaking after inaugurating the ‘World Water Day 2016’ event organised by Karnataka City Water Supply and Sewage Water jointly with District Law Service Authority and Institution of Engineers at its premises.

Addressing the gathering, she said: “Statistics say that only 3 percent of Earth’s water resources is fresh water and only 1 percent of it is available for drinking. The other two percent is sealed in glaciers. Now we have centralised on existing water and how best it can be utilised with a dense population and limited supply without harming the environment. A number of inter- state disputes have raised out of water. Water is on high demand and we need to prioritise on what we have. For effective management, government policies should be translated into work on field.”

Expressing her concern over present situation, Justice Mudagal said that we have become insensitive towards the pain of others, which is very much evident with people watch crime news in a mechanical manner. “In such a situation, sensitivity should be created among general public and programmes like this should reach Gram Sabhas and schools,” she urged.

You may be wondering about the connection between Law and water. It is the fundamental duty of every citizen to protect rivers, conserve water and river sources. The Supreme Court has given a landmark decision on Narmada Bachaao Andolan and it is the duty of legal service authorities to sensitise people on protection of our natural resources.” – Justice K S Mudagal,  District and Sessions Court Judge
Member-Secretary District Law Service Authority Dinesh Hegde; Director Palace Board B G Indiramma; President of BAR Association B R Chandramouli; Professor at Environment Engineer Department, SJCE Dr B Manoj Kumar; Executive Engineers K P Jayaram, C Puttaswamy and others were present.

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