Need legal frameworkfor cyber security

An international legal framework is required to tackle the growing e-threats and emerging borderless issues in cyber attacks. In India, we have a legal framework — the Information Technology Act of 2000. But with increasing number of threats and emerging border-less issues in cyber attacks, we need a framework.  India has National Cyber Security Policy-2013, but the steps for implementing this need to change with the changing nature of threats.  In order to arrest attacks, the Centre has taken a series of initiatives like setting up of cyber security response team and national cyber coordination centre. Many of these initiatives are yet to bear fruits.
In this direction, the Centre needs to prepare a comprehensive cyber security policy in coordination with states. The incidents of cyber attacks in India grew 82 per cent in 2014 over the previous year and the resultant financial losses increased by 135 per cent. With the changing of threats, many experts have opined India needs to act swiftly to keep a check on cyber crimes.

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