Need to amend laws to prevent human rights violation: R Balu

 Founder President of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement Dr R Balasubramaniam stressed activism to ensure human rights than practicing it in sterile academic environs

“A tacit spectator stance of civilised society against unlawful acts against tribal communities is also violation of human rights,” said Founder President of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) Dr R Balasubramaniam here on Wednesday.

Delivering the valedictory address at the two-day national seminar on ‘Human Rights of Vulnerable Sections of the Society’ organised by the Department of Studies in Law, University of Mysore, he noted that there were several laws that infringed upon human rights hence there was a need for amendment to ensure stability between different laws existed under various acts including forest act and wildlife act that obstructed the life of tribal people.

He said while the forest act ensured all rights for living including the tribal communities, the Wildlife Protection Act-1972 restricts human existence in the forest areas where the tribal communities dwell. The state itself interprets the law in different manner where displaying less concern for human beings and according more concern towards wild animals. This does amount to violation of human rights, he stated.

The state has been thwarting tribal rights by evicting them from the forest areas against their basic right to live which does amount to violation of human rights. The government has constructed two reservoirs in H D Kote and announced two national wildlife parks in the state but has failed to fulfill the interest of tribal communities in those areas, he stressed.

He pointed that realising human rights violations through agitation and activities was more effective than studying human rights as part of academics within the confines of the four walls of a classroom.

Speaking at the event, legal expert Prof C K N Raja quoted former Supreme Court Judge V R Krishna Iyer and underlined how there was a plethora of social legislation that ensures protection of human rights including that of women, children, transgender, work force. But that we have failed to implement it in an appropriate manner. The track record with regard to implementation of human rights was absolutely poor, he added.

Suggesting experts in law, Raja urged them to conduct studies in old age homes and Tihar jail to understand violation of human rights. By conducting studies on human rights violation rapid changes can be ensured in the system. To eliminate misinterpretation of law there was a need for proper training of law enforcement authority, law faculty in both academic and judiciary, he said.

Department of Studies in Law Chairman Dr T R Murthy, Assistant Prof Dr M Suresh Benjamin, Associate Prof Dr Ramesh were present.

Blurb: R Balu highlighted the need to ensure human rights to tribal people and pave the path for their overall development.

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