Need to educate farmers on drought management: Shikha

“It is necessary to give proper training on draught and management to people, especially farmers, so that it would be helpful to take precautionary measures before the crops wither,” observed Deputy Commissioner C Shikha here on Monday. “Apart from getting or offering training, there is a need to focus on its implementation,” she said.

She was speaking after inaugurating the workshop on ‘Spatial technology and modeling for drought management’, organised by SJCE department of Environmental Engineering, under the aegis of Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, Global Initiatives of Academic Networks at SJCE campus.

Shikha pointed that the district administration was spending Rs 50 crore every year on drought-related issues. “State is witnessing drought for the third consecutive year. Even the monsoon is delayed. Once people understood how to manage draught and flood, it would be helpful to avoid huge losses.”

She also said that it is a matter of concern that there is a serious threat to food security in future days as there are about 10,000 acres of food crop cultivation has been converted into commercial crop in Mysuru district alone. “With the impact of urbanization,  around 2,000 acre of agricultural land has been sold to construct commercial establishments. Although there is no objection for urbanisation, those who are using their farm land for commercial purpose may have to face critical conditions in future if they fail to protect their agriculture land.”

Dr Syed Shakeeb Ur Rahman, principal, SJCE, Dr Prasanna Gowda, research leader, USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory, EL Reno, Oklahoma, USA, Dr Pushpa Tuppadis, Associate Professor, department of environmental engineering, SJCE, Dr K S Lokesh were present.

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