Need to encourage folk art: Somashekhar

“Folk arts are the results of the painful experiences of backward classes. The amount of tranquillity one gets from folk arts is unmatchable. There is a need to support and motivate such art forms,” said MLA M K Somashekar.

 He was speaking after inaugurating the Mysuru unit of Kannada Janapada Parishad at Maharaja College on Monday. He said that folk art has not been derived through writings or documentations. It has been orally passed on from one generation to another. “Folk arts are mostly accounts of one’s experiences. It deals with all emotions, and also delivers life lessons.

“Today there is a need to identify traditional arts and artists and encourage them to continue to spread the art forms across the globe,” he added.

Folk scholar P K Rajashekhar, Zilla Kannada Janapada Parishad chief Kyathanahalli Prakash, treasury Kanakathara, Maharaja College principal Prof R Ganesh, Balaji and others were present in the function.

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