Need to preserve historical monuments: Umashree

Stressing the need to preserve historical monuments across the state, Kannada and Culture Minister Umashree said on Monday that Karnataka was rich in heritage structures and there was a need to preserve all the historical marvels for the coming generations.

Speaking after inaugurating a two-day workshop on ‘Karnataka’s Sculptures’ organised by the Department of Archaeology, Museum and Heritage at the Karnataka Exhibition Authority premises, the minister pointed that after Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka was the state having dotted with most number of heritage monuments. “Structures in Belur, Hampi, Aihole, Pattadkal and Badamiadd to the historical beauty of the state and make everyone proud. The quality of work, planning and execution is also quintessential,” she said.

Umashree said that the heritage beauty of India attracts thousands of foreigners every year and the knowledge that Indians have of heritage sculptures was hailed across the globe.

She voiced concern over archaeologists not being given the importance they deserve in the technological space. “People studying history are equally important. They are the ones who bring back the history alive through intense researches. Technology and history ought to go hand in hand for the perfect balance of science as without history science is nothing,” she said.

Director, Department of Museums, Dr R Gopal said that there were 652 monuments in Karnataka which were of national importance and 800 monuments of state importance. More than 26,000 temples of historical importance were protected by the Endowment Department while around 50 thousand temples were not protected. Dr Gopal said that the unprotected temples would be protected through single e-documents.

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