New-age literature should espouse technology: Prof K S Rangappa

Writers and litterateurs should extend their social responsibility towards building stronger human relationships in a society where human rapport has been drastically affected by influence of globalisation, observed the Vice-Chancellor University of Mysore Prof K S Rangappa here on Friday.

He was speaking after inaugurating the two-day national seminar on ‘Emerging trends and changes in neo literateures in Hindi’ organised by Department of Studies in Hindi at UoM. The seminar was sponsored by University Grants Commission.

“Literature makes greater impact on people, propelling them towards building relationships with each other. Hence, writers, teachers, scholars and researchers need to focus on coming up with quality writings,” he said.

Speaking at the national seminar on emerging trends in new Hindi literature, Prof Rangappa pointed that the life standards of a society mainly depend on the quality of its literature and linguistics. Hindi language has always strived to encourage better human relationships, he noted.

Also there is need of adopting advanced technologies in the literateures of the emerging world. New ideas should be considered to protect the literature for future, he said.

Hindi writer Dr Sooryabala; Hindi study centre director Dr Prathibha Modaliyar and Hindi Study Centre Chairman Dr Shashidar L Gudigenavar were present.

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