New book ‘Dwandv’ ode to women’s resilience

Prime News, International and National, Book, Author, New Delhi, April 8:- United States-based Indian author Dinkar Goswami unravels the story of a woman who refuses to give up, against the fantasy backdrop of a galactic clash of titans in his new book.

Goswami’s novel “Dwandv: The Battle for the Gate” is the story of an American yogini Gerua set upon a challenging odyssey in the Himalayas. The book is an ode to the woman’s spirit of single motherhood, leadership and resilience in the face of crisis.

“The protagonist is a young American woman who has Indian roots. She is unwittingly searching for the vital knowledge of yoga on the behest of a friend. She has a little knowledge of yoga but providence has a plan of epic proportions for her,” says the author.

Written against the backdrop of misuse of the mightiest cosmic powers, called ‘siddhi,’ and longing for absolute attainment of the rare vital knowledge, ‘Dwandv’ is built upon three mysterious revelations: a prophecy, a warning and a condition.

It follows the powerful woman protagonist who climbs the great Himalayan heights. In the book’s universe, she is up against Bubba, a sinister master tantric consumed by power and backed by the Asura army.

Maneuvering through challenging hurdles and narrow escapes, will she be able to save Earth from abysmal danger and another modern-day ‘Dwandv’?

As the unheard-of saga unfolds, readers join Gerua and her five-year-old son Danta on this epic quest of defeating a demonic army and averting devastation on Earth. Chosen to find a secret gateway for humanity’s survival, she escapes treachery, hardship and loss as she races against time. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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