New-born baby girl found in garbage vehicle

A new-born girl baby was thrown into the garbage collection vehicle at Agrahara on Monday morning. The baby was put inside a gunny bag that was tied tight. The police said that the baby could have been born on Saturday or Sunday.

According to the residents of the area, pourakarmikas had parked their vehicle near a gully near Agrahara Circle to collect garbage from houses at around 7:30 am. By the time they returned with garbage bags, the gunny bag that had the baby was thrown inside the vehicle.

Jaishankar, who owns a hotel in Agrahara and who was passing by the road heard a baby crying from the garbage vehicle. Curious, he looked inside and saw the gunny bag moving. He immediately climbed the vehicle and opened the gunny bag only to find the baby.

He alerted the passers-by and informed the nearby the K R Police Station. The police rushed to the spot and took the baby to the K R Hospital where it has been admitted in the children’s section.

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