New technology for knee arthritis in Mysuru

The surgeons of joint replacement in United Kingdom have developed a new device using shockwave therapy to treat joint pains from arthritis and other causes. This device is now made available in Mysuru for the benefit of patients suffering from knee arthritis, says Dr B R Prashanth, joint replacement surgeon, Mysore Orthopaedic Centre.

He reviewed the UK clinical results which revealed 98% reduction of knee pain using the new method. It was first researched in 1970s and then published in leading medical journals and has been approved by NICE, UK (National institute of Clinical Excellence). It is currently available for patients in the UK, Australia and USA.

This device generates high-frequency vibration to pass shock waves or acoustic waves through the skin to the painful spots and musculo skeletal tissues with sub acute, acute and chronic conditions. This energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and soft tissues. The shock wave is effectively “scrambling” the sensory impulses to the extent that they cannot be interpreted as pain signals by the brain.

It is currently used for knee arthritis, tendinopathies, tennis elbow, heel spurs and calcific tendinitis affecting the shoulder. Relief from knee pain without medications or invasive surgery is the main benefit of this device and hence very popular says Dr Prashanth.

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