New traffic guidelines come into effect in Mysuru

Prime News, Karnataka, Traffic, Police, Mysuru, April 1:- With a view to making traffic rules people-friendly, a revised version has been put in place and it is effective beginning today (April 1).

Mysuru Commissioner of Police Dr Chandragupta

Talking to reporters, Mysuru Commissioner of Police Dr Chandragupta said, “There is a need to revise the existing traffic rules and make them more people-friendly. We have taken public and the media opinion before arriving at a new set of guidelines and it will be operational on an experimental basis from today (Thursday).”

People can approach the following centres for any verification or payment of penalty: Atal Behari Vajpayee Circle, V V Puram Traffic Police, Srirampura Junction, K R Traffic Police, Ramaswamy Circle, K R Traffic Police, Chamaraja Wadiyar Circle, Devaraja Traffic Police, Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Circle, N R Traffic Police, Devegowda Circle, Siddarthanagar Traffic Police, Maulana Abul Kalam Circle (Highway Circle), K R Traffic Police, S Linganna Circle, Siddarthanagar Traffic Police, Vivekananda Circle, K R Traffic Police.

Photos by Hampa Nagaraj

People may approach these centres for any clarification and they will be provided parking space.

Police officials (ASI and above) need to adopt one circle or junction and take care of it on a regular basis. The entire responsibility is on them. The best-operated junction will be duly awarded at the end of the month.

When the vehicular traffic is more, emphasis should be on the smooth flow of the vehicles. If there is any deliberate traffic violation, he or she needs to be penalised. Vehicles that are on the move can’t be stopped for any verification. If a rider or a driver is found using a mobile, driving without a seat belt, drunk driving, triple riding, signal jump, going in the wrong direction, he or she can be stopped.

The traffic police need to be transparent in their approach. They should not stop any vehicle all of a sudden or snatch the key from the driver or rider or talk in a rude manner. They have been advised not to get into arguments under any circumstances.

If any driver or rider is found to misbehave with the police, a case has to be registered against him for the law to take its own course.  (MR/KS)


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