New Year celebrated with fervour in the city

A gala of events including fireworks at Mysuru Palace premises, DJ parties, fashion shows were organised in the city to welcome the New Year in the city on Saturday night.

The night was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour across the city where thousands of youngsters came out and gathered with friends to welcome the New Year.

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In tune with the celebrations, the Mysuru Palace Board authorities illuminated the palace for 15 minutes from midnight and colourful crackers were burst. Thousands of Mysureans gathered in front of the palace and welcomed the New Year in a unique way, by enjoying colourful fireworks and the illuminated Mysuru Palace.

A variety of cultural events were organised at the palace premises and police personnel performed ‘Police Band’ to add more colour to the event. Singer M D Pallavi sung a variety of songs at the Kote Anjaneya Temple premises near the palace.

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Besides, various hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants had organised several events including fashion shows, DJ parties, rock shows and cocktail parties to welcome the New Year.

In order to maintain peace, law and order and also ensure the safety of people, the city police had beefed up security in the city. To avoid untoward accidents, more police were deployed across the city that carried out alcohol test on riders. Various cab companies offered discount rides in the city on New Year night to those attending cocktail parties.

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