New Year celebration turns ugly, one injured

Late night New Year after party turned disastrous when a brawl broke out between two groups, ending up in one getting shot in the foot.

Kiran of Mysuru, Rakesh of Dubare ad Jagadish of Kushalnagar, who were travelling in a car at 2.30 am after New Year celebrations in Dubare got into an altercation with Biddappa, Kebin and other person travelling in another car.

They stopped at Dubare junction and argued with each other, but returned to their respective cars to continue the trip. However, they stopped once again near Kushalnagar and an intense fight started, following which, Bidappa took out a revolver and fired two shots, one in the air and another at Kiran’s foot.

Kiran, who was injured in the incident, is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mysuru and is reportedly recovering. Kushalnagar police have into custody Biddappa’s associate Kebin. Biddappa is absconding, police said.


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