Newborn dies at Cheluvamba, family protests

Mysuru, May 26:- Picture this: Cheluvamba Hospital: A woman gives birth to a child but she is not allowed to see her own baby. The reason given by the hospital authorities: Baby unwell, kept in ICU. Three days later, comes the shocking news that the baby is dead. The answer given by the hospital authorities, it is alleged, is far from satisfactory. The family members say sheer negligence on the part of the hospital killed the baby.

Namitha (20), wife of Ganesh, a resident of Nanjanagud, was admitted to Cheluvamba Hospital for delivery on Monday. Doctors were saying she would have a normal delivery. Expectedly, she gave birth on Tuesday but strangely, the hospital staff didn’t show the child to the mother, saying it was in the ICU. On Friday, they declared that the child dead. The family members are staging a protest, saying it is the negligence of the concerned doctor and staff that proved costly for the baby. Devaraja police visited the hospital for further investigation. (MR/KS).

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