Covid-19 pandemic: Newspapers – the most welcomed guest 

By Pradyu M
Mysuru, April 2:- Along with the electronic media, the print media is also doing a highly laudable job and the personnel (right from reporters to the editorial panel to the technician to the agent and the paperboy) working day and night for the various dailies – be it English, Hindi or the vernacular – have to be wholeheartedly applauded for their unstinted and selfless service, risking their very life and taking all measures to be in connection with the common man and giving them all the news and other information needed in these days of the dreadful pandemic.
Though in today’s cyber-aged media world,  people, especially the youth, depend on e-media. It is a known fact in our nation most of the people start their day with a cup of tea in one hand and a copy of a newspaper in the other. The pleasure that this routine habit gives the reader can’t be explained in a word or two.
Though during the start of the nationwide lockdown days, there was a fear among newspaper readers that availability of print media might get hindered as ‘social distancing and hygiene’ became the norm, it was made clear by the authority that newspapers undergo complete health and hygiene measures before they reach the readers.
This has given immense relief to millions of readers who rely on their dailies for true facts and knowledge about the incidents happening around the globe. The newspaper has become the most welcomed guest at a time when even the closest of friend and relative have been restricted to make a visit due to the unprecedented scenario.
Newspapers play a vital role in keeping their readers updated with the latest health scenario and is a true health guide to millions of its readers. The print media, no doubt, has given the people the hope and the aspiration and convinced them that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. (The writer is a regular contributor to City Today)

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