Nice attack points to dangers at home

Bastille Day attack at Nice that killed at least 84 people brings to life the worst nightmare of the French security forces. President Francois Hollande and his security forces must have heaved a big sigh of relief with the safe and successful organisation of the Euro 2016 football championship, which ended on July 3 with the French football team in their first appearance in a European championship final since 2000.

In the run-up to the tournament, several security experts, and the government itself, had signalled it would be organised in maximum security conditions as the French feared another attack by the Islamic State or ISIS terrorists, after the November 2015 carnage in Paris. However, the Euro 2016 ended safely and was a huge comfort to a French society limping back to normal. So normal that French students and government employees resorted to nearly three months of strikes against an attempt to reform the stringent labour laws that have led to economic stagnation in the country.

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