Nidumamidi seer and Bhagavan at book launch

Considering people as nationalists based on proclamations of a few slogans is a dangerous development, which creates hatred against those who refuse to declare themselves as patriots in a dramatic manner, noted Nidumamidi Mutt Seer Veerabhadra Channnamalla Swamiji here on Wednesday.

He was speaking after unveiling the book ‘Thallanisadiru Kandya Thaalu Manave’, penned by Ashokpuram Govindaraju, published by Nijadani Publication at Karnataka Kalamandira. The book is the biography of activist Prof Shantharaju.

Citing the recent controversy in the national political arena where the word ‘nationalist’ was debated widely in connection with the JNU row, progressive idealist seer Nidumamidi Channnamalla Swamiji pointed that it is unfortunate how some leaders are dividing people by creating controversy on patriotism.

The seer, known as a progressive idealist, said: “A genuine patriot will never hate anyone and creating hatred among people for political interests should be condemned.”

Meanwhile, the seer said that favouring people based on their caste and creed is a serious threat democratic principles and the concept of ‘nationalism’ propounded by the right-wing political groups is also similar to such an act, which has to be regulated to maintain social harmony.

The seer also said that the followers of Dr B R Ambedkar and Basavanna have to give more priority for women. Empowering women will definitely lead to social empowerment, he added.

Speaking in the event, Rationalist Prof K S Bhagavan said that Buddhism is the only philosophy having a close connection with scientific concepts. It is unfortunate that many western philosophers ignored Buddha and his philosophy. Even in the curricular syllabus of our basic education system, Buddha has been mentioned in a lower level, he regretted.

Prof Bhagavan urged the gathering to read the book ‘Buddha and his Dhamma’ authored by Dr B R Ambedkar. He said, “Historical documents reveal that 67 percent of Indians were Buddhists. Humanitarian principles were highly practiced during the period when Buddhism was popular in India. The constitution of India has adopted ‘Equality’, ‘Fraternity’ and many humanitarian concepts from Buddha’s philosophy.”

Additional Regional Commissioner M R Ravi, Writer Thalakadu Chikkarangegowda, Film director Madan Patel, Dalit activist Venkataramanaswamy Papu, Dalit leader Prof Chandrashekar, Professor Shantharaju, writer Ashokpuram Govindaraju, L M Murthy, Prof D Anand were present. 


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