No action against Dhruvaraj: Police commissioner

City Police Commissioner B Dayananda has clarified that policemen were not manhandled by Congress politician Dhruvaraj and there is no question of taking action against him.  

Reacting to reports that two policemen attached to the Vijayanagar police station were allegedly assaulted by Congress party leader Dhruvaraj, the commissioner said that there was a dispute over vacating a house in Vijayanagar and Dhruvaraj had just mediated and not assaulted as reported in the media.

The commissioner further said that the landlord and the tenant would settle the dispute among themselves amicably.


Ramesh, who owned a house on a 40×60 plot in 10th Main Vijayanagar had leased out the house to Geetha for Rs 15 lakh for three years.  

Sometime back, Geetha had told Ramesh that she was finding it difficult to stay in the house as it did not suit her for which Ramesh had agreed to her demand of vacating the house. Geetha demanded her lease amount of Rs 15 lakh to be refunded and accordingly Ramesh deposited the cash to her bank on June 30 and Geetha had told him that she would vacate the house on Friday, July 1.

Ramesh had spread the word that his house was for sale and fixed 1.60 crore as the price and he had contacted some buyers who wished to see the house first. He informed Geetha about the sale and told her that buyers would come to see the house for which Geetha readily agreed.

When Geetha did not vacate the house on July 1, Ramesh called her up and she replied that she was in Bengaluru and could not show the house to anyone. An argument ensued and Geetha allegedly summoned her supporters and the group had assembled in front of the house on Friday. When Ramesh went to his house he was allegedly assaulted and he rushed to Vijayanagar police station and informed the police.

ASI Venkatesh and driver Dhananjaya were sent to the house and they informed their station that more than 50 persons had gathered and they could not be controlled. A PCR vehicle was sent later. Seeing the police entering the scene, Geetha’s supporters allegedly manhandled them. The ASI and the driver have narrated the incident to Vijayanagar Inspector.

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