Tipu Jayanti as scheduled: Siddaramaiah

Amidst stiff resistance from pro-Hindu groups and BJP against the celebration of Tipu Jayanti this year, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday made its stance clear that it would go ahead and celebrate Tipu Jayanti on November 10.

The statement came from the CM a day after BJP’s decision to organise a state-wide protest against the state government over Tipu Jayanti. “We celebrated Tipu Jayanti last year too, we will celebrate this year too. All the arrangements to maintain law and order have been made,” Siddaramaiah told mediapersons after arriving at the Mandakalli Airport in a special flight from Bengaluru.

Lashing at the BJP, the CM said that BJP was unnecessarily creating a ruckus over Tipu Jayanti. Their aim was to disturb law and order in the state. The Jayanti should be observed peacefully and law and order should be maintained, he said.

Giving a piece of advice to those opposing the Jayanti, Siddaramaiah asked them to read the historical facts and not to twist them. “Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan have fought four battles against British. They were one of the prominent forces to emancipate India from the clutches of British,” the CM said.

Commenting on popular allegation of Tipu being an anti-Hindu, Siddaramaiah said, “Had he been an anti-hindu, he wouldn’t have donated funds for more 150 temples including Rangnath Swami Temple, Nanjungudu Temple, Sringeri Mutt, etc. Not a single temple would have existed if that would have been the case. History is testimony to the facts that all the allegations against Tipu, painting him as communal and anti-Hindu are false.”

He further said that there was nothing wrong in celebrating Tipu Jayanti and it was same as any other Jayanti the government celebrate every year. We need not learn lessons from communal BJP,” he said.

CM on NIA probe in Rudresh Killing

Commenting on BJP demanding NIA probe into the killing of RSS worker Rudresh, Siddaramaiah said that there was no question of handing over the case to NIA or CBI as the state police was capable of doing its job. “Two accused in Rudresh and Raju’s killing have been arrested and police is doing further investigations,” CM said.

Siddaramaiah sought to know how many cases were handed over to CBI while they were in power. “We have handed over five cases. The Opposition used to call it as ‘Chor Bachao Institution’ and now suddenly they have developed faith in the investigating agency”, he quipped.

Rudresh’s murder state-sponsored killing remark

Rubbishing BJP’s claim that Rudresh’s murder was a state-sponsored killing, Siddaramaiah said that the statement was “politically motivated and baseless.” BJP was good at coming up with baseless allegations. It wants to tarnish state government’s image with baseless allegations as elections were nearing, he said.

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