No check posts from July 1 in the state-CM Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru, Jun 14:- By the implementation of GST all the commercial check posts will be closed down said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Speaking in the Karnataka assembly Siddaramaiah, clarified that by implementing Goods and Services Tax (GST) all the commercial check post become redundant from July 1, there are 20 check posts operating in Karnataka.

Under GST on manufacturing goods, the tax would be paid directly to central government then need to file returns, thus there is no question of paying taxes to states. Nearly 300 staffs manning this check posts will be tasked to supervise accounts.

According to commercial tax act 1957 the check posts was set up, before Value Added Tax (VAT) introduced there were 45 check posts, it was reduced to 20. Due to nationwide implementation of GST, in state also “Karnataka Goods and Services Tax” introduced.


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