No farmer should suffer in a democracy: BJP leader SC Ashok

Mysuru, October 9:- The Raitha Yatra march continued for the second day on Monday. The rally was held through Vajamangala, Varakudu, Badagalahundi, Mallahalli, Harohalli, Rangasamudra, Bannur and other villages.

“This march should reach every nook and corner of the state. All the citizens should ensure that no farmer suffers in a democracy. We should elect B S Yeddyurappa as the chief minister again to find a permanent solution for the problems of farmers,” said BJP district vice president S C Ashok.

“The state government has not come to the rescue of the farmers during the drought. Due to heavy rains, they can’t grow crops even now. The government has taken any measure to help the farmers,” said BJP district president Kote Shivanna.

Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy, L R Mahadevaswamy, Prasanna Gowda, Marballi Murthy, Lakshmidevi, Shivaiah, Karthik, Manikanta, Raju Gowda and others were present.

-(KS, NGB)

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