No homework for Classes 1 and 2: HRD Ministry

Prime News, National, Education, New Delhi, November 27:- The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has asked states and Union territories to ensure that the weight of school bags follow set norms and also that kids in classes 1 and 2do not have homework.

Although the ministry did not prescribe these norms in a statement, it asked the states to quickly come up with those of their own, or follow the ones already put in place by Telangana or Maharashtra models.

According to the Telangana model, for students in Classes 1 and 2 the maximum weight of the school bag should be 1.5 kg; 2-3 kg for Classes 3 and 4; for those in Classes 6 to 7, 4 kg; for those studying in Classes 8 and 9, 4.5 kg; and for those in Class 10, 5 kg.

Maharashtra’s policy is that the weight of a bag should not exceed 10% of a student’s weight.

Senior HRD Ministry officials said the latest directions were issued following a direction of the Madras High Court which directed the Centre to formulate a policy on school bags. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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