‘No intention to single out women’: Minister Dr Sudhakar after remarks on modern women wanting to stay single

Prime News, Karnataka, Women, Bengaluru, October 12:- A day after his remarks that modern Indian women want to stay single, Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar on Monday (October 11) said that he had no intention to single out women and that his statement on the younger generation shying away from marriage and having kids was only based on a survey.

The minister said that the findings of the YouGov-Mint-CPR Millennial Survey show that, among millennials, 19% aren’t interested in either children or marriage, which he based his statements on. He added that among post-millennials (or Gen Z adults), 23% aren’t interested in either children or marriage. As in the case of millennials, 8% want children but are not interested in marriage.

“I would like to convey that I am myself a proud father of a daughter and I am also a medical doctor by training. So I fully understand the sensitivities around women and also the mental health issues that are concerning us,” Dr Sudhakar said.

The minister added, “Indian society is collectivistic and promotes social cohesion and interdependence. The traditional Indian joint family, which follows the same principles of collectivism, has proved itself to be an excellent resource for the care of the mentally ill.”

Dr Sudhakar, stressing that he was only intending to convey that the youth can find a solution and solace to mental health issues in a traditional family and its value system which offers a wonderful support system, said, “I had no intention to single out women nor did my words mean so.”

Earlier on Saturday, the minister, during the World Mental Health Day at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS), said, “Today, I am sorry to say this, lots of modern women in India want to stay single. Even if they get married, they don’t want to give birth. They want surrogacy. So there is a paradigm shift in our thinking, which is not good.” (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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