No nation is safe with nuclear weapons: H S Doreswamy

“Just by possessing nuclear weapons, no country in the world could justify it as deterrent. No country in the world can achieve peace by possessing the nuclear weapons. Moreover, by becoming nuclear power nation, it can never be fair to compete with other nations in the world,” said H S Doreswamy, freedom fighter and veteran social activist at 69th Sarvodaya Day organised by Gandhian Study Centre on Monday.

Speaking at the programme organised as part of tribute to Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, he said, “The peace lies in the friendship but never with competition. There are no greater values than humanity. We need to stand united to achieve the fraternity in the world.”

“India, after freedom always coined for peace in the world with the vision of Javaharlal Nehru and the renowned ‘Aliptha movement’. But we later went hunger for nuclear weapons. We need to concentrate more on the current issues like poverty.”

“Gandhi always dreamt of Sarvodaya by the eradication of poverty in our nation. But it is very saddening that today 10 percent of people in our nation hold 70% of overall wealth. Nearly 30% of people are living in low poverty condition and cannot even afford one meal a day. But our politicians who promise of our welfare hike their salary. While 30% of our people are suffering from starvation, our President’s salary was hiked by three times recently.”

“I wonder why our youngsters cannot question it. We have many youngsters who are well educated. But they never question it. The greater problem lies here. If we cannot question the disarray in our society, then nothing is going to change,” he added.

Prof Yashwanth Dongre, In-charge Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Prof R Rajanna, Registrar, UoM, Shivarajappa, HoD, Gandhian Study Centre, UoM and others were present.


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