No need to fight

The fight between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly, former India cricketers, is continuing unabated. This is not the time to discuss who is right? Shastri, on his part, one of the aspirants for the team India coach, may be thoroughly disappointed that he was sidelined. At the same time,Putting the blame squarely on Ganguly is not fair. BCCI has a selection panel comprising four to five members which decided to rope in Anil Kumble as coach. Between Shastri and Kumble, the latter has better credentials as a cricketer. Shastri is also aware of this. Ganguly and Shastri may be summoned to thrash out the issue. It is the foremost duty of these two senior cricketers to work in tandem to help the Indian team reach greater heights. With Kumble at the helm, the cricket team can expect a huge turnaround. Many cricketers of the past and present have hailed Kumble’s elevation.

Rajeev Kumar, Bogadi

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