No one has approached Dr Heggade to become Presidential candidate clarifies Dharmasthala officials

Dharmasthala, June 14:- The Dharmasthala board cleared the air by stating that no one approached Dr Veerendra Heggade to discuss regarding becoming the presidential candidate.

It was reported recently that Dr Veerendra Heggade would be the consensus Presidential candidate, but the board clear that it would be difficult to accept the nomination because of his devotion to lord Manjunatha.

Reacting to the news appearing in social media the board clearly states that Dr Heggade is not inclined to become President. Even though BJP has a upper hand in terms of vote share, it is still short of majority, as it is not allowed political parties to issue whips to their members. Defection laws also will not apply in case of cross voting. One section of BJP is thinking how to garner opposition votes as some of the major political parties, such as AIADMK, BJD and others are yet to decide on whom to vote. On this thinking BJP plan to field Dr Veerendra Heggade as chances of his support appears to be great.


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