No pollution certificate, insurance will be issued for vehicles with pending traffic fines

Prime News, Karnataka, Bengaluru, December 10:-Vehicle owners with arrears of fines will find it difficult to continue in this way. Because, as long as fines remain unpaid, their insurance policies will not be renewed and emissions test reports cannot be generated.

The police have drawn out a mega plan to collect the pending collection of Rs 330 crore traffic fine. When renewing the insurance policies and when getting the emission tests of vehicles done, pending fine has to be paid, failing which these two will not be possible. The traffic police plan to enforce these rules shortly. There are 90 lac traffic rule violation cases for which fines have not been paid during the last three years. In spite of their herculean efforts, the police have been able to collect only 10 per cent of the fines during these three years. Therefore, the traffic police have felt the need to take tough measures against the defaulters.

The police plan to tie up with the insurance companies. Vehicles without any fines alone will get emission test reports and insurance renewal facility. The regional transport office has already written to insurance companies and emission testing centres.

Both city police commissioner Kamal pant and traffic joint police commissioner Ravikanthe Gowda have written to them to join hands with the police to help recover the fines.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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