No punishment for Sebastian Vettel after he issues apologies to Hamilton

Sports News, July 4:- The FIA – represented by Chairman Jean Todt – and driver Sebastian Vettel issued a joint statement today regarding the Ferrari driver’s incident with Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku last week, with the German apologizing for a side-swipe that caught the Mercedes driver.

At the time, with all cars behind the safety car in what can only be described as a chaotic Grand Prix, Vettel alleged at the time that Hamilton had “brake-checked” him or intentionally slowed down to impede Vettel’s race.

Vettel then pulled up to the left of Hamilton’s Mercedes, gesticulating angrily at the Briton for the brake check. That, Vettel said, was when he lost control, with the car moving into Hamilton’s.

The German served a 10 second stop-and-go penalty during the race for dangerous driving, while a ‘bigger penalty’ had been due later – but now will not happen, with Vettel agreeing to give various “awareness talks” across racing Formulae in a form of community service.

At the time of the incident, Vettel replied “where did I do dangerous driving?” but that appears to have changed, with the Ferrari ace accepting the blame for the Baku incident.

-(Inputs- Sportskeeda)

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