No rainfall in Mysuru for three days

As Mysuru is in Dasara festivity mood, public can enjoy the ongoing programmes around the city as no rainfall is expected  till October 7.

The day temperature is expected to be 31°C and night temperature is expected to be 17°C. The relative humidity in the morning hours is expected to be 97 to 98 per cent and afternoon relative humidity is expected to be in the range 53 to 57 per cent. Wind speed is expected to be 3-5 kilometre per hour.

Suggestion for farmers: In Paddy field, maintain 2.5 to 5 centimetre depth of water to reduce the weed infestation. If the crop is in tillering stage (25 – 30 days after planting), this is the right time for applying first top dressing at 33 kilogram nitrogen/ha. Before top dressing with fertilizers, drain the water from fields. Due to cloudy weather there will be a chance of blast diseases in Paddy crop. To mange this disease, spray bevistine at 1 gram per litre of water or tricyclovzal at 0.6 gram per litre of water.

In sugarcane field, if there is water scarcity, irrigate the crop in alternate row, attend inter cultivation at 50, 65, 80 and 95 days after planting and urthing up can be done at 120 days after planting. Where the crop is at tillering stage, irrigate the crop once in 10 days.

Weather forecast for the next five days (From October 5 to October 7, 2016)

Parameter 05.10.2016 06.10.2016 07.10.2016
Rainfall (mm) 0 0 2
Max. temp(°C) 31 31 31
Min.Temp(°C) 17 17 17
Sky condition(Octas) 4 2 3
Relative humidity(%) 0830 hours 97 97 98
Relative humidity(%) 1730 hours 53 54 57
Wind Speed (kmph) 5 5 3
Wind Direction 250 250



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