No separate Covid guidelines for Mysuru: Minister ST Somashekar

Mysuru, April 14:- Though coronavirus cases are on the rise in Mysuru, there are no plans for separate Covid guidelines for the heritage city, said District In-charge Minister S T Somashekar here on Wednesday (April 14).

The minister is in town for Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti. “The Covid guidelines that are applicable to other districts will be applicable to Mysuru also. The district administration and Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) are handling the Covid situation.”

On the opposition to heli-tourism in the city, he said, “I don’t want to support anything that is opposed by the public. As such, I have no information on heli-tourism and I have only read it in newspapers. The Forest Department has called for a meeting of the public and will follow what is decided there.”

The minister said, “Many clubs are mushrooming in Mysuru and it has become a money-making source. I have spoken to the Commissioner of Police Dr Chandragupta and asked him to control the menace.”

Reacting to the alleged fire at a library, Somashekar said, “I have asked the police to investigate and arrest the guilty. I have collected some information from the Police Commissioner and have asked him to act against the culprits.” (MR/KS)

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