No transfer has taken place without my knowledge: Minister ST Somashekar

Mysuru, June 5:- The war of words between the ruling party and the opposition is nothing new in India. As long as there is politics in the country, it will continue. No sooner Janata Dal (Secular) MLA Sa Ra Mahesh alleged that District in-charge Minister S T Somashekar was unaware of the Excise Department DC’s transfer, the Congress leader hit back, saying, “No transfer has taken place without my knowledge. Allegations are baseless.”

Speaking to media in the city on Friday, Somashekar said, “I have been asked to provide saplings for the World Environment Day and I am at it,” while brushing away Mahesh’s allegations.

“I have been made the district in-charge minister of Mysuru and I am asked to work without any discrimination. We are planning to plant 27 lakh saplings to mark the World Environment Day. I am concentrating on it. We will count the numbers of saplings planted in the coming days. We have decided to look after the saplings over the next 3 years. We want Mysuru to remain a green city. Some people are giving statements for political mileage. As far as I know, Mysuru has only one district in-charge minister, not two,” he said.

“We held a meeting on World Environment Day. Representatives of all 65 departments have attended the meeting. Bangalore University, Office of the Commissioner of Police, Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) have asked for saplings. Zilla Panchayat has also asked for 5 lakh saplings. They have asked BJP leader HV Rajeev for 9-10,000 saplings. Let them plant the saplings wherever they want. I have requested the vice-chancellor of Bangalore University not to misunderstand me but to provide details of the number of saplings planted. MCC has asked for 5,000 saplings. Nurturing the saplings is very important,” he said.

“No one has come to me or AH Vishwanath seeking a transfer. With the MLC elections round the corner, he is busy temple-hopping. Why is he being dragged into all these unwanted issues? No one has interfered in the works of the district administration. No one has asked me for any favour either. Organisations have asked me for saplings, people want true developmental works and nothing else,” he added.

Somashekar clarified that the Excise Department DC was transferred as he was facing corruption charges. “To say Vishwanath is interfering in district administration is fallacious. Mahesh’s allegations that money exchanged hands in the transfer are far from the truth.” (MR/KS)


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