No trust motion against Hunsur CMC president

Mysuru, January 9:- Members of all the parties joined together to move a no-trust motion against the Hunsur Council Municipal Council (TMC) president K Laxman here on Monday.

Laxman became president of the CMC due to the support of senior JD(S) leaders of the district. He was the first president since Hunsur was promoted to city council from town municipal council. Twenty-seven members of the CMC and five nominated members from the government were present during the no-trust motion, except the president himself. The meeting was called in the presence of vice president Dhanalakshmamma and passed the motion to oust the president who was not supporting the development works.

Shivappa Nayaka, Prakash, Shyam Sundara, Satish, Mohan, and others were present. (MR/KS).

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