Noise level in the city declines during Deepavali compared to last year

Mysuru, October 23:- Noise Level has come down by little percentage compared to last year during the Deepavali celebrations in the city.

According to a report by Regional office of Karnataka State Pollution control board authorities noise levels have been decline by a little percentage on a par with the recording in 2016. According to reports by the regional office, the noise level on a normal day (17-10-17) it was 53.5 decibels (dB) compared to last year’s (27-10-16) 60.2 dB.

During the first day of the Deepavali, the noise level was 59.7dB compared to 62.57 in the last year. On the second and third day of the Deepavali the noise level increased a bit and was 61.9 and 66.8 dB respectively. However this was little lesser than the last year’s noise level which was 65.3dB and 67.6 dB in the year 201.

But ironically, noise pollution has remained beyond average national limits of 45 decibels at night.


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