‘Not so-smart phones’ increasing gap in the society

The young generation of the world is busy with the smart phones to update themselves. Every week one or the other company launches new smart phone with different specifications which are easier for people to access. There might be other strategies from the company’s point of view, like, to develop and establish the stronger market. On the other hand, the technology is developing faster than what people expected. Today, a person carrying a smart phone can get any information just by a finger click.

 It is difficult to spend even an hour without a cell phone for most of the young people.  I think exam hall is the only place where students don’t use cell phones. People have started carrying their cell phones even in washrooms too. The usage of cell phones is increasing day by day. One or the other way the government is promoting the usage of smart phone in order to digitalize the society. The demonetization and the online banking was a major boost to the smart phone market.

It is good to have a smart phone but addiction is harmful. One quite morning, the college students, teachers, official employees and fruit vendors were waiting for their busses to arrive in a crowded city bus stand. It was good to see most of them were busy in attending calls, replying to messages and scrolling their friends post in face-book but it was also sad to say most of them knew each other but they were not communicating with each other. They were all immersed in their respective phones.

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One day my dad asked me to order a good smart phone for him. I was taken aback. I asked what? He repeated, “Order me a smart-phone,” this time with a louder voice of course. I was shocked because I clearly remembered just a couple of months before how I was scolded for asking him to buy me a new phone. I kept quiet, just ordered a good smart-phone from which he could operate easily. Within five days he started to operate without any fear and by the sixth day he started to reply to my whatsapp messages and I took screenshots of that chat list. My dad now spends his half of the day in accessing his cell phone which has brought headache to my mother and every time I call her she says, “You spoiled my quality time with my husband. If this continues I will throw away that stupid phone to dustbin.”  When I go home during vacations, she complains about how my father and sister use only messaged to communicate both of them hardly have any time left for her. She even went a step ahead and cursed the inventor of the smart phones, and challenged to kill him off. Thank you mom.

 My lecturer always says that, in our class students are not enjoying the golden phase of their life. She complains that they don’t even speak when they are together. It’s their time to communicate with each other, share knowledge, create memories and plan for future and study. Instead all they do is sit in different corners of the classroom and search for mobile charging plug.

But when I look at all these incidents at one point I do feel that the invention of smart phones has drifted people apart from each other. A mother has been left longing for the care from her family members. Friends have stopped talking to each other. The smiling acknowledgement which used to greet strangers on road has completely disappeared. The concept of ‘global village’ is creating a distance of worlds between people.

– Mahesh Gowda

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