Not surprising

It is nothing surprising to know that 275 rivers out of 302 rivers across India are polluted mainly with sewage and industrial effluents. Among these 15 are in the state. In spite of celebrating 70 years of independence, governments and public are not realizing the importance of the rivers and we simply through everything into the water bodies as an easy and cost reduction way of disposal. Neither many public are industrialists have seriousness in keeping the water bodies including the rivers clean. Natural calamities and religious rituals add to this in polluting the water that was already contaminated with untreated sewage, a major source of pathogens. Unless serious steps are taken, forget about drinking the water from these polluted rivers, all these will start stinking like the river Moose in Hyderabad. It releases unbearable stink due to heavy pollution. Feeding the polluted water to the fields also contaminate the agriculture produce risking the health of the population.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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