Novel way of protest

Mysuru, August 8:- Bad roads are nothing new to us in our country. We have seen them in the past, we are seeing now and we will keep seeing them in future as well. That is the sorry state of affairs in a country of more than a billion people. We Indians have a lot of patience and we strongly believe in the concept: ‘Swalpa adjust madikolli’.

A small place in Bylakuppe, the place famous for Buddhist monastery,  is Doddharave. People of this hamlet don’t remember when the roads in their village were last asphalted. Most of the roads resemble a paddy field. It is so tough for the villagers to ply their vehicles on these bad roads. Their repeated pleas to concerned officials and the minister have yielded no results. On Monday, the villagers thought enough is enough. They resorted to a novel way of protest. They planted paddy on the roads to drive home a point.

The villagers said that the road from Lama camp to 2nd block Doddaharave is totally bad and residents of more than 300 houses have to commute on this which has not seen asphalt at all! “If the officials do not take  steps to repair the roads, we will intensify the protests in the coming days,” said the villagers, who looked visibly angry.

Venkatesh, Shashikumar, Manju, Venkatasiddappa, Harish, Mani, Harsha, and others were present. (MR/RBR).

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