Novel way to create awareness on blood donation

Mysuru, January 25:- A person had painted his face with saffron, white and green colour and going around with a message at Suttur fair on Friday. Painting of heart and blood vessels on his body said it all. He had also written slogans explaining the importance of blood donation on his body. Devotees who visited Suttur fair in large numbers were looking at him, amused.

Shivakumar (50), a social worker of Davanagere used his body as a canvas to create awareness regarding blood donation.

“Blood donation is the greatest donation. People don’t come forward voluntarily to donate blood. My aim is to create awareness among them. I am donating blood for 21 years. I have donated blood more than 70 times. It has made my health better. Blood donation doesn’t affect your health,” Shivakumar said.

“I wish to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I want to go on a world tour to create awareness regarding blood donation. I need a vehicle for that purpose and a laptop. I request the government to provide me with that,” he added. (MR/KS).

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