Now Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Uranus to ban Dr Zakir Naik

In a major blow to popular Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik, his entry to Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Uranus (MVNU) was reportedly banned following media’s campaign against the Indian scholar.

According to media, the unanimous decision was taken by people residing in those planets to avert any youth from getting ‘inspired’ from Naik’s speeches and indulge in ‘terror’ activities.

“We shall leave no room for such activities and thus we will not allow him to enter our planets. Indian media says he is already banned from entering UK, Canada and Malaysia and we believe those reports,” read a joint press release from leaders of MVNU. The release concluded with a message, “Reports published or aired on India newspapers and TV channels are akin to gospel truth for us.”

Largely relying on the reports published in a Dhaka-based newspaper The Daily Star and without cross-checking the facts, Indian media conducted its own media trial demanding a ban on Dr Naik’s and his channel Peace TV. The coverage was so loud that not only the government fell for the media’s reports and pressed India’s premier anti-terror force, the NIA and IB into service but also the voice has started to echo in other planets.

“Do not you see how a youth got inspired from Dr Naik’s speeches and shared it on social media. It has been proved that Dr Naik inspired the terror attack in Bangladesh,” declared a renowned media trial expert Arnab Goswami from his studio.

Putting on hold the call of his ‘reliable source’ in Mercury, Goswami shouted that his channel was best and had highest TRP. He took credit for inspiring the four planets to decide on banning Dr Naik and his channel through his relentless coverage of the issue. “Times Now should be the only channel which should be aired in all the planets,” Goswami said.  

Meanwhile, the campaign against Dr Naik has turned out to be a mere propaganda by some news channels and newspapers following a clarification from The Daily Star (the original source for Indian media on Dr Naik’s issue) which clarified that “it did not report that any terrorist was inspired by Naik to kill innocent people” and confessed that it that “made a mistake by reporting that Dr Naik was banned in Malaysia.”


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