NR Foundation extends helping hand to its ’cause partners’

NR Foundation contributes Rs 4 lakh to Reforest India, Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe, Kalisu Foundation and Usha Kiran Eye Hospital for their respective causes

Mysuru, December 8:- NR Foundation, the philanthropic arm of agarbathi to aerospace conglomerate N Ranga Rao & Sons (NRRS), extended support to longstanding ’cause partners’ of their KPL franchise, Mysuru Warriors, on Monday (December 7). Despite the cancellation of the tournament this year due to COVID-19, the organisation fulfilled their commitment and donated Rs 1 lakh each to their four cause partners – Reforest India, Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe, Kalisu Foundation and Usha Kiran Eye Hospital.

Amid the pandemic, the organisation’s support to the cause partners came as a helping aid and a motivation factor for them to drive their initiatives.

Speaking about the initiative, Arjun Ranga, owner, Mysuru Warriors and Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathi said, “Reforest India, Deutsche Cleft Kinderhlife, Kalisu Foundation and Ushakiran Eye Hospital have done exceptional work in their respective fields. We are extremely happy to see the change that these organisations have brought in over the years. Even though KPL could not continue with the tournament this year due to the ongoing pandemic, we wanted to support our ’cause partners’ and be with them now more than ever. The kind of work all four of them are doing is simply spectacular and we hope they continue to make a difference with their thoughtful initiatives.”

Arjun Ranga is seen presenting a cheque to Janet Yegneswaran, Founder, Reforest India.

Reforest India combats the alarming levels of carbon dioxide by planting trees, in both urban and rural areas. Apart from global cooling, Reforest India’s initiatives bring about increased biodiversity, rainfall, groundwater levels, and stabilisation of local climate.

Arjun Ranga is seen presenting a cheque to Dr Dushyant Prasad, International Programmes Advisor from Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe.

Deutsche Cleft Kinderhlife, is driven to help children combat cleft lip and palate, from all over the world. Children with a cleft lip are normally at the receiving end of ridicule and peer pressure, because of local superstitions and social reasons. Deutsche Cleft Kinderhlife aims to provide a comprehensive treatment to the children and make their lives better.

Arjun Ranga is seen presenting a cheque to Niklesh, Founder, Kalisu Foundation.

Kalisu Foundation has taken up the war against the lack of education by introducing features in schools like libraries and other facilities in order to make schooling more fun for children. The youth at Kalisu Foundation strives to provide high-quality education to children studying in Government Schools, thus enabling them to maximise their potential.

Arjun Ranga is seen presenting a cheque to Dr Ravishankar, Founder, Usha Kiran Eye Hospital.

Usha Kiran Eye Hospital is one of the veteran leaders in the ophthalmology sphere. Their hospitals
comprise a talented team of sub-specialists driven towards giving their patients a new lease of life
through their wide range of eye-care treatments, stated a press release from Uma Bai, Senior Executive – PR, N Ranga Rao & Sons Pvt Ltd, Mysuru. (NGB)


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