‘Contract’ nurses stage protest in Mysuru over demands

Mysuru, March 1:- Nurses working on scholarships staged a protest in front of Mysore Medical College and Research Institute in the city on Thursday, urging the state government to fulfill their various demands.

“We have been working on tender basis over the years at K R Hospital and PK TB Hospital. But none of our demands has been fulfilled, including the increase in salary. The present salary, i.e. Rs 8,000 should be stopped and the earlier salaries  Rs 16,500 and Rs 17,500 should be paid.  Equal pay should be given for equal works. Salary should be provided before 10th of every month. Jobs of scholarships should be renamed as tender-based jobs. We should be given the first preference if the government decides to make us permanent.  We should be given holidays like government bodies such as Jayadeva Hospital and SDS Sanitoriums,” the protesters urged. (MR/HN).

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