NYT compares Ramdev to Trump, predicts he could be India’s future PM

Prime News, International (Washington), July 28:- In an apparent effort to introduce him to a Yoga-obsessed American audience and elaborating on his achievements and influence in India, a recent New York Times feature compared Ramdev to US President Donald Trump and predicted that he could be the future Prime Minister of the country.

While Ramdev’s achievements have made international headlines and he continues to grab spotlight both in India and in foreign countries, he has hardly ever been compared to an extremely controversial Trump. The NYT feature though finds many similarities. “In his own way, Ramdev is India’s answer to Donald Trump, and there is much speculation that he may run for prime minister himself,” reads the feature titled ‘The Billionaire Yogi Behind Modi’s Rise’.

It then goes on to elaborate on just why Ramdev is much like Trump. “Like Trump, he heads a multibillion-dollar empire. And like Trump, he is a bombastic TV personality whose relationship with the truth is elastic; he cannot resist a branding opportunity — his name and face are everywhere in India.”

While it is true that both Patanjali and The Trump Organisation are both massive business enterprises, judging their respective character is, feel many, a little too far-fetched. For starters, Trump has often been accused in the past of using questionable means to succeed in his business endeavours. More significantly, he has been widely known as a womaniser with little to no respect for women – contrary to what he himself may claim. In the run-up to the US Presidential elections, an AV recording emerged in which Trump was heard using highly objectionable words for a woman. More recently, there have been women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. And then there is Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, who said that Trump had made her sign a non-disclosure agreement about an affair they had. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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