Ola drivers strike work; listen to traffic police advise!

More than 1,000 taxi aggregator Ola drivers went off the city roads on Friday protesting against the attitude of their bosses. Thy will continue their snap strike for three more days if their demands were not met immediately. The future course of action would be decided later.

The drivers along with their vehicles assembled at the Maharaja’s Grounds demanding justice and fair treatment.

The drivers alleged that though they are 1,000 strong in numbers plying passengers from the nook and corner of the city, they were treated badly by Ola Company. They said that they have invested lakhs of rupees in vehicles and were not getting proper commission for their work.

As almost all the Ola drivers had assembled at one place, the city traffic police made use of the opportunity to give the drivers lessons on good behaviour, road sense and traffic tips. The police asked the drivers to behave well with the passengers and ensure their safety.

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