Old tree on the verge of collapse near Dasara Exhibition Ground in Mysuru

Mysuru, April 24:- Pre-monsoon rains have been lashing the city and surrounding areas. A huge old tree on the busy vehicular traffic Mysuru-Ooty Road near Dasara Exhibition Ground in the city is on the verge of
collapsing anytime and poses a serious threat to human lives.The citizens have been urging the MCC to cut down the dried branches and if required bring down the aged trees.

The huge old tree near Kote Maramma Temple has almost dried up. The citizens have filed several complaints to MCC and Forest Department about the tree posing danger to human lives. But no action has been taken so far.

Now is the time for Mysuru City Corporation Mayor and Commissioner to take up immediate steps to bring down the entire tree or part of the dried up branches before any untoward incident happens. (Hampa Nagaraj, NGB)

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