Ondalla Eradalla gets fair response

Mysuru, August 28:- Ondalla Eradalla movie directed by D Sathya Prakash of Rama Rama Re fame is getting a good response all over the state. We are getting good feedback from the public on social media as well, said actor Naga Bhushan at a press meet at Mysuru press club on Tuesday.

“The movie has a child’s innocence as its base. Though the movie has no heroism or masala, it has been welcomed by the audience. The movie was released on August 24 in 80 theatres. Now the movie is being screened at 35 theatres,” he added.

“Eight-year-old child from Pandavapura, Master Rohit has filled the movie with life. The movie shows how a child goes in search of his missing cow. His innocent performance is the crux of the film,” he added.

“Theatre artists of Raichur and other areas have acted in the movie. The movie has complete new faces. It is a movie which can be watched and enjoyed by families,” said actor Nataraj.

Master Rohith said that the movie can be watched by anyone with no age barrier.

Journalist Manjunath was present. (MR/KMR).

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