One more killed in the name of ‘Gau Raksha’ in Jharkhand

Prime News, National, Ranchi, June 30:- A man has been beaten to death allegedly by a mob of 1000, accusing him of carrying beef in his vehicle was reported from Jharkhand state.

The June 29, incident came in the backdrop of Prime Ministers warning to cow vigilantes, saying it is illegal to kill anyone in the name of cow protection, although the statement from PM fails to deter the goons.

The opposition attacks the BJP government of silent support to the cow vigilantes, and occasional outburst from PM is nothing but a lip service and the statement from PM under the pressure.

According to police sources Alimuddin, alias Asgar Ansari, was driving his Maruti van, the mob stopped  Ansari and brutally attacked near Bajartand village in Ramgarh district. A senior officer said the police reacted quickly as soon as they heard about the attack and rescued Ansari, but he died in hospital, due to blunt object injury.

Police said the brutality was such that in the video one youth can be been laughing when the attack was happening.
The police termed the incident as ‘premeditated murder’ as the attackers know that Ansari is coming with his van and attackers known to the victim, who was involved in some business of meat.

Police said the attackers have been identified and they arrest them very soon, the case has been registered against 12 people; police couldn’t confirm whether Ansari was carrying beef.

The growing incident of mob lynching and taking law into their own hands raises the question of law and order situation in the state and no strict action against them angered the citizens. One study conducted on the issue of ‘beef lynching’ said the attacks have increased under Modi’s rule from 2014.
The issue of killing of innocent people in the name of cow protection in India has reached international media and the human rights in India are questioned by the international community.

-(NAV, Inputs; Agencies)

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