Online Wiwanfab scam: Chain of events as experienced

By Chetan

A smart consumer should look to online reviews before jumping to patronise a business or purchase a product. In fact, consumers need to review prior to trusting a business. Regrettably, customer review fraud schemes skew search results. One such incident, I would like to bring to the attention of gullible people.
My spouse was browsing YouTube commercials and happened to choose a catchy saree from Wiwanfab. She thought it is a good deal at an affordable price. She placed the order with COD (Cash on Delivery). So far, so good.
The product was delivered after 3-5 days against cash. Now, the real scam saga began. We received a shoddy material and colour exactly opposite of what we wanted. My spouse frantically tried to contact the customer desk by phone/email, but to no avail. Suddenly, a call came from a number and my spouse described the wrong product and the service staff agreed to refund during the conversation (Remember no business would ever refund unless the product is returned).
During this conversation, I was on my afternoon time watching a good old Office-Office Sitcom which depicts how a common person is tossed for getting things and noticed the situation as I overheard the word AnyDesk to be installed. Suddenly, my software brain was awakened as one does not require AnyDesk at all for receiving a refund. What is AnyDesk anyhow? It is legitimate incredibly good software for troubleshooting remote devices like PC, Mobile.
Remember, with AnyDesk, you can allow any customer service to prey on your device. Customer service was pressurising my spouse to install AnyDesk and give access numbers to them (Using this number, a remote person can sneak your device and control).
When confronted, customer service did not like my interference and demanded unethical communication skills to open GPay and enter his payment UPI ID. I bulldozed customer service on why we are required to enter their customer service UPI for receiving a refund. In fact, they should only know our UPI. This was where customer service hung up with derogatory words.
A word of advice: Never install unnecessary software, share confidential information and enter sender UPI when you are the receiver of the payment.
Finally, we still ended up with a cheap product. Of course, the good thing is we did not fall into scamster’s trap.

(The writer is a City Today reader).

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