Only a quality teacher can shape a quality student: Prof Sunney Tharappan

The Director of AIMS Insights was speaking at a workshop on enhancing the quality of students at SBRR Mahajana FGC recently

“Quality in education is not about compliance to the requirements. It is a continuous requirement. A quality student can be ensured only with quality teachers,” said Director of AIMS Insights Prof Sunney Tharappan.

Addressing the gathering at a workshop on ‘Enhancement of Total Quality of Students’ organised by IQAC, SBRR Mahajana First Grade College in association with Department of Collegiate Education Prof Tharappan said: “Higher Education has manifold dimensions. There is a need to look into the individuals who come in as students. A student product can be effective only when human effectiveness is developed within them.”

Blurb: The speaker stressed on teachers striving to effectively enhance their skills. He said that there are five areas of effectiveness, including personal, leadership, professional, human and resource effectiveness.

He noted that inadequacy of the teachers is a challenge, however committed they are. “It is essential for teachers to build a culture of learning. Learning has a value only when it is life-changing and leading to development. There is a need to understand, comprehend, reflect and learn. No learning takes place unless one reflects upon the subject,” he opined.

Regional Joint Director, Dept of Collegiate Education Prof Mallikarjuna Morabada addressed the participants and said this workshop should lead to the revival of Total Quality Management Cells in colleges.

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