Only independent probe can settle US-China ‘conspiracy theories’ around COVID-19 origins

Prime News, National (New Delhi), May 2:- In the context of geopolitical implications of COVID-19 pandemic, positional understanding from different angles, like positional play in the international chess championships, is extremely important. Positional play in chess can be understood as encroaching upon the enemy’s territory with a pawn to gain an advantage and minimise the opponent’s space and opportunities until one can utilise ‘tactics’ for a decisive result.

In the context of COVID-19, the same is happening between the two economic powers in the world — China and the US. Both countries are contending to have supremacy over each other and coming out with a slew of “conspiracy theories”. Scholars are reproving each other with ‘Sinophobicnarrative’ and ‘White supremacy’ paradigm. Hence, it is important that the 7.594 billion people in the world know the truth and do not get swamped by the pomposity and rhetoric arising from any sort of selfish narratives.

Scholars, diplomats and politicians from both countries are trying to gain a positional advantage over each other by publishing a plethora of pieces in reputed papers and magazines. However, some of them are not looking at the development of incidents from a wider angle and observing the whole incident through the narrow prism of ‘nationalistic benefit’ of their own countries.

We need to look at the things and events in a comprehensive manner, with an objective approach while abjuring any sort of subjective perspective. We need to learn from my Guru, nonagenarian Padma Bhushan Professor Tan Chung, who uses a positional approach from various angles to juxtapose and integrate the diachronic and synchronic contexts of any international historical or contemporary event.

World-famous Scottish-American professor Niall Ferguson, who once ironically called himself as ‘a fully paid-up member of the neo-imperialist gang’, recently wrote an extremely significant and persuasive article in The Times of London, ‘Let’s Zoom Xi Jinping. He has questions to answer about coronavirus’. It is extremely important to investigate the questions he raises and examine his arguments in a subjective manner. When one of the most influential scholars in the world asks the questions, we need to pay attention to. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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